This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of childish enthusiasm in everyday life. I have created it to remind myself to be unrepentantly authentic in the way that I experience the world. Here, I hope to re-examine the books, movies, ideas, activities, and places that delighted or provoked me as a child–and to see if I can’t reconnect with my youthful visions of what the future held. I don’t imagine I will ever truly manage to attain the careers of my childish imaginings–including such gems as a princess that looks like Britney Spears or an artist that only draws guinea pigs (all of whom looked suspiciously like my own)–but I will seek a life for myself ┬áthat embraces spontaneity and vision. Each week, I will take you along as I endeavor to rediscover the simple beauty of childhood, and reflect on whether that beauty can be carried forward into our modern, adult lives. We’ll have to take baby-steps, but I have high hopes that we’ll arrive.